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Having worked with over 100 libraries across Maine for the last 25 years, we have helped librarians develop collections that are specific to their age group and community needs. Praised by numerous librarians and educators, professional publications, and the American Library Association, comics and graphic novels provide exciting and interesting material to a wide audience.  Not only do comics spark the interest of the reluctant reader, but they also provide provocative material for all reading levels.

Comics offer something for every interest, from action and adventure to current events to science fiction to historical and biographical works. There is an enormous selection of diverse and award-winning material for Juvenile, Young Adult, and Adult collections.  By working with Casablanca Comics, you’ll have the advantage of working with someone who has read the books that are recommended.

As a local resource, you can rely on us to help you develop a successful comic collection, regardless of size.  Our experience includes maintaining and expanding existing collections as well as developing collections for specific course curricula.  Shipping is free, and all library orders receive a 20% discount.  Please contact our Library Services Specialist, Laura O’Meara, to determine the best choices for your school or public library.